How to plan a Family Session outfit. {southern maine. portland, maine. family.}

Sometimes choosing the right outfit for photos can feel so overwhelming. Style of clothing, colors, fancy or casual. It can feel like so much that we either don’t schedule a session or we, the mothers, decided not to be in them! I have GOOD NEWS, it doesn’t have to be that way! Picking an outfit can be stress free I promise!

1.The first and most important step is choosing a photographer that you TRUST.


Photo by: Maine Tinker Photography

Choosing someone who you trust will put your mind at ease. Also you choose them for a reason, you love their work and know that you are going to get some beautiful images out of this. Which gives you one less thing that is off your plate!

2. Pick YOUR outfit FIRST. What do you love in your closet? What makes you feel fantastic with a side of sexy? If you feel good and are comfortable then the rest of your family will feel that vibe, and this shows in photos.


Photos by: Rosapaola Lucibelli 

My family took a trip this winter and our luggage was DELAYED! I had planned for this by packing our photo day outfits in our carry on JUST IN CASE! What I didn’t pack was a good bra and mascara?!! So I did a little European shopping. Remember, Mommy ain’t happy ain’t no body happy.

3. After you know what you are wearing head on over to your kids closet. I am not only looking for colors that go with my outfit but I am also looking for clothes that represent who my kids are right now. Do they like dinosaurs or unicorns? Do they have a favorite color? What are they going to be happy in? Happy kids, happy momma.

Mother Beth , Maine Tinker 2017 -2-35

Photo by: Maine Tinker Photography

My two bigs picked their whole outfits all by themselves. I was still able to dress the baby. For this particular session nothing went with my outfit, I was okay with that though, I wanted my kids to be excited for this session and have fun! Which they did!

4. Last but certainly not least I dress hubby. My husband is super easy going; but as most husbands doesn’t really LOVE getting his photo taken. I make sure that I pick something he will be comfortable in as well. He can grin and bear it a little more then the kids but remember, comfort = happy faces.


Photos by: Jamie Mercurio

This was our session right after Enoch was born. I wanted us to look cute and be comfortable. I showed Kyle what we were wearing and he grabbed his fav pjs.

Somethings to avoid:

Matchy matchy, like everyone in white t-shirt and jeans. When you add more than one color you add dimension to your photos. It makes for more interesting photos that really speak to who you are. Wearing different shades and textures of the same color looks good too! Picking colors that are next to each other on the color wheel are usually a great place to start when straying from the traditional white top with jeans for everyone.

Avoid florescent colors. They can throw off your skin tone and can be tough on the processing end.

Clothes that don’t fit you. Make sure that your clothes are not too big!!! Fitted clothes are more flattering on you.

Photos are an investment. Taking the time out to make sure that everyone is looking and feeling great just adds to this experience.


Photos by:  Jamie Mercurio

I hope that this was helpful and if I can think of anything else I’ll make sure to add it.


One last thing, for an at home Lifestyle sessions all bets are off. Be 100% you! Let the kids dress up and let everyone be comfy. Don’t worry about all being in the same color fam. These sessions are about real life and the beauty of your family.

Lifestyle Session by: Sarah Truman

Beers 50th Anniversary {Scarborough Maine. Southern Maine. Family. Married}

So in another life I was going to school for nursing, I got my LNA and began working at an assistant living facility. This will always be one of my favorite jobs. I wanted to go back after I had Annaka but with Kyle’s traveling schedule it was just not possible. What did I love about this job you ask? I loved the residences, I loved helping them get ready in the morning, I loved hearing their stories. For whatever reason I just have a heart for that generation. So when I was asked if I wanted to photography a 50th wedding anniversary you can bet ya I jumped at that opportunity. Here is a look at some of my favorites.


The whole gang for a photo.


Are you ever too old for snuggles?

I love being a fly on the wall when people are just doing life and having fun.


Here’s to 50 years Bempa and Bam! I pray that I would be so lucky in my own marriage to have this type of love not only between Kyle and I but all around me in 50 years.

Thank you so much for inviting me in on such a special day.

What happened in 2017 {Southern Maine: Family, Lifestyle, Birth, Maternity, Holidays, Minis}

4th photos (3)

I know it has been extremely quiet here for a while. For those of you that have been following us for a while now may have noticed some changes around here.

  1. The biggest change, Allison hasn’t been around as often. Allison has started her own business and I am so trilled for her. She has a thriving LuLaRoe business and she is rocking it.
  2. I, Beth am flying solo.
  3.  Strawberry Patch is no longer doing weddings, MAYBE on a case by case basis.
  4. I am now taking a limited number of birth sessions a year. I am TRILLED about this change as I absolutely ADORE attending births.
  5. I will now have more time for family sessions and will also be offering another mini option through out the year.
  6. Another big one is that I am leaning much more towards the lifestyle type pf photography vs. portraits. What does this mean? This means more of who you really are at this moment in time. More of what you love to do with the special people in your life. I am working on updating the portfolios so have a look around.

These are some of the more immediate changes that have been made. I am so excited to really begin this new journey. I am beyond grateful to all of you that have been part of this growing business from the beginning. Taking beautiful, cherished photos for you really gives me life. Taking photos is what I am passionate about, connecting with you not only at your sessions but always. To say I am humbled that you have invested in my dreams is an understatement.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me through all of this transition as my business grows. Here is what 2017 looked like for me.

Allison LLR-Strawberry Patch Photography-44

Allison began her new business, see link above for more information.

We photographed out last wedding for one of my dearest friends. ❤

I got to photograph 3 former brides as they waited to welcome their first babes.

I got some new beautiful faces in from of my camera.

Was able to catch up with some of my beautiful clients and their growing families.

Charlie's Birth-StrawberryPatchPhotography (112)

Was able to photography another birth, be still my heart.

And of course Strawberry Patch’s annual Holiday Minis were a totally success!

Thank you to everyone who made 2017 another wonderful year.

Can’t wait to see you all soon.

Married: Mikayla & Brayton

Woooohoooo! Check out this gorgeous couple!  These two had the most relaxed day.  They were both just so ready to be married and it was so nice to be there to witness such a great couple surrounded by their loved ones say their vows!

When we walked in Mikayla was cool as a cucumber, enjoying a beer with her gals and some lunch.  These ladies remembered and laughed about how Mikayla met Brayton and how onces they met the rest was history.

And Brayton said that he knew right when he met Mikayla that she was it; the one. We weren’t surprised. These two build each other up, challenge one another and love so deeply.  That is so evident.  Listening to their fathers talk about each individually and as a couple it was so obvious how this relationship means so much, not only to them, but to their family and friends too.

The day was perfect and filled with laughs and muscle poses from these Crossfit newlyweds… and bridal party….and guests!

Married: Abbie & Zachary

Congratulations to Abbie & Zachary!!!  Their wedding day was by and far one of the most fun and relaxed weddings we have had the honor of photographing.  Everyone was having fun, dancing, drinking, devouring pizza and donuts; it was an absolutely fabulous day! Abbie & Zachary have such an awesome relationship they joke around and enjoy one another so much. Every detail was so perfect.  They tied the knot at Coolidge Family Farm with daisies and chamomile everywhere. Zachary proposed to Abbie with a 3 stone diamond ring with stones from each side of their families. From the start, this marriage was based on love from generations past and will continue with their own family for generations to come.

Wishing you both the best!  Enjoy a sneak peek of your day! And thank you for allowing us to be there to capture it all.

Married: Kayla & Brandon

Congratulations Kayla and Brandon!!! It was an absolute joy being there to witness your beautiful relationship move on to this next step and start a new family with so much trust, love, laughter and happiness!

The love that Brandon has for Kayla is so visible, he makes her smile and laugh at every turn.  Kayla was shinning on the way to go see Brandon for their first look. As Kayla walked down the stairs at Brandon’s family home in her stunning low back, lace for days wedding gown she began to giggle and as Brandon waited excitedly a huge smile crossed his face and he said “that’s her nervous laugh”.  That moment. That is what I love about First Looks and Wedding Days.  That moment when an outsider looking in can just see the love and why these two are marrying.

Thank you both for welcoming us outsiders into your gorgeous, relaxed, beautiful wedding day.  It was perfect! Enjoy this glimpse into your day.

Married! Ashlee & Josh

On June 25, 2016 Ashlee and Josh tied the knot surrounded by close friends and family. The weather was perfect, the couple was stunning and so in love.

Ashlee’s feisty spirit is perfectly matched to Josh’s calm peaceful demeanor.  One of the best parts about our “job” is to see a couple’s love and how two people can be so perfectly matched. When they look at each other you can visible see how much they love one another. And when Ashlee walked down the aisle at The Hitching Post in Dayton to a nervous Josh you could feel the excitement in the air.  Ashlee was an absolute gorgeous Bride with a stunning dress and details to match and Josh was oh so Handsome in his three-piece suit.

The flowers were amazing!  Some of the most beautiful I’ve seen by Dodge the Florist, the band was fantastic, singing and dancing the night away every one had a wonderful time and a few tears of joy were snuck in here and there.  The Matron of Honors speech brought tears to our beautiful brides eyes as she wished them a wonderful marriage and that today {their wedding day} be the day they love each other the least.  What a wonderful idea.

We wish you the same Ashlee and Josh, a life filled with fun, adventure, compromise, understanding, forgiveness, joy and love always growing. Thank you so much for including us in your beautiful day.

xo Allison & Beth