How to plan a Family Session outfit. {southern maine. portland, maine. family.}

Sometimes choosing the right outfit for photos can feel so overwhelming. Style of clothing, colors, fancy or casual. It can feel like so much that we either don’t schedule a session or we, the mothers, decided not to be in them! I have GOOD NEWS, it doesn’t have to be that way! Picking an outfit can be stress free I promise!

1.The first and most important step is choosing a photographer that you TRUST.


Photo by: Maine Tinker Photography

Choosing someone who you trust will put your mind at ease. Also you choose them for a reason, you love their work and know that you are going to get some beautiful images out of this. Which gives you one less thing that is off your plate!

2. Pick YOUR outfit FIRST. What do you love in your closet? What makes you feel fantastic with a side of sexy? If you feel good and are comfortable then the rest of your family will feel that vibe, and this shows in photos.


Photos by: Rosapaola Lucibelli 

My family took a trip this winter and our luggage was DELAYED! I had planned for this by packing our photo day outfits in our carry on JUST IN CASE! What I didn’t pack was a good bra and mascara?!! So I did a little European shopping. Remember, Mommy ain’t happy ain’t no body happy.

3. After you know what you are wearing head on over to your kids closet. I am not only looking for colors that go with my outfit but I am also looking for clothes that represent who my kids are right now. Do they like dinosaurs or unicorns? Do they have a favorite color? What are they going to be happy in? Happy kids, happy momma.

Mother Beth , Maine Tinker 2017 -2-35

Photo by: Maine Tinker Photography

My two bigs picked their whole outfits all by themselves. I was still able to dress the baby. For this particular session nothing went with my outfit, I was okay with that though, I wanted my kids to be excited for this session and have fun! Which they did!

4. Last but certainly not least I dress hubby. My husband is super easy going; but as most husbands doesn’t really LOVE getting his photo taken. I make sure that I pick something he will be comfortable in as well. He can grin and bear it a little more then the kids but remember, comfort = happy faces.


Photos by: Jamie Mercurio

This was our session right after Enoch was born. I wanted us to look cute and be comfortable. I showed Kyle what we were wearing and he grabbed his fav pjs.

Somethings to avoid:

Matchy matchy, like everyone in white t-shirt and jeans. When you add more than one color you add dimension to your photos. It makes for more interesting photos that really speak to who you are. Wearing different shades and textures of the same color looks good too! Picking colors that are next to each other on the color wheel are usually a great place to start when straying from the traditional white top with jeans for everyone.

Avoid florescent colors. They can throw off your skin tone and can be tough on the processing end.

Clothes that don’t fit you. Make sure that your clothes are not too big!!! Fitted clothes are more flattering on you.

Photos are an investment. Taking the time out to make sure that everyone is looking and feeling great just adds to this experience.


Photos by:  Jamie Mercurio

I hope that this was helpful and if I can think of anything else I’ll make sure to add it.


One last thing, for an at home Lifestyle sessions all bets are off. Be 100% you! Let the kids dress up and let everyone be comfy. Don’t worry about all being in the same color fam. These sessions are about real life and the beauty of your family.

Lifestyle Session by: Sarah Truman

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