Claire, Tim and Baby make Three {Scarborough.Maine.Maternity.Family.Love}

I know that by now this sweet little boy has entered the world and stolen the hearts of Claire and Tim, his beautiful Momma and Daddy. I am so glad they reached out to us to document this special once in a lifetime moment. Whenever we get to photograph those first baby bumps it takes me back to my first baby bump, so many bumps ago. It’s so excited to hear those first heartbeats, feel those first kicks, and really fall into your role as a mother.

Claire was absolutely one of those beautiful glowing mommas that we have ever seen. It’s so special to be behind the camera able to sneak a peek into the beautiful relationship two people have, these two were no exception.

Baby boy if you read this one day know that your mommy and daddy already loved you so much, even before they saw your perfect little face.

I hope that you two are enjoying all of your first with baby. Getting naps and snuggles in when possible and kissing that sweet little newborn head every chance you get. As everyone says, it goes by too fast.


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