Beach Family {Family Photography} South Portland, Willard Beach, Maine

Here is the beautiful Beach family. It is always such a wonderful time getting these lovely faces in front of our lens. Not only for the reason that they always look picture perfect but also because Lori and Allison have been friends since they were kiddos, which makes shoots like these all the more fun. We have had the privileged of watching this family of three grow into a family of four, they have also been with us on our journey as photographers, for that we are truly thankful for all of their support.

On this lovely summer evening we meet the Beaches at Willard Beach and enjoyed getting our toes in the sand. It was a little bit chilly to start off with but once we got those kiddos running around and exploring they were all smiles. Days that are a little overcast are always a favorite to shoot, you get those lovely clouds in the sky and some very rich deep colors. It’s always so fun to chase around little ones as they are exploring and enjoying time with their parents. These are those moments that really are so special to have in photos, those everyday moments with your kiddos. They are only this small and curious for so long. I hope that these photos help the Beaches remember days like this, when your children fit so snugly in your lap and love to swing in your hands. Enjoy these photos Matt and Lori and enjoy your time with your beautiful children.
Max LexieBeach2015-2wmMom&MaxDad&LexShoesLex&MaxSandSwingShoreKissEnd

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