2015 Available Dates

Wow!  We just finished our first wedding of 2015 in Vermont, it was FAB!  We are so excited to be kicking off an amazing photography season of Newborn babies, Families, Weddings and Engagements. Not only do we have some fantastic photo sessions coming up but I’m (Allison) expecting my first baby in the fall (yay!) and Beth is expecting her 3rd!  So, with all these wonderful events happening our calendars are filling up quickly and we wanted to give you guys some dates we still have available. Weekends will be tight and we will do everything we can to get you in but, weeknights are much more open, we can do sunset sessions many evenings and are always willing to do a sunrise session! Below are our available dates.

  • June 12 (sunset),17-19 (sunset sessions), 20 Saturday (early morning-or indoor), 22-26 (sunset sessions).
  • June 27- SUMMER MINI DAY!!!! -Saturday! more details to come
  • June 29-July 2 (sunset sessions)
  • July 6-11 & 14-17 (sunset sessions)
  • July 18 & 19 Saturday & Sunday!
  • July 27-30 (sunset sessions)
  • August 4 & 6 (sunset sessions)
  • August 11-16
  • August 18-27 (Weekends more open, Weekdays sunset sessions)
  • September 1-5 (sunsets)
  • September 16-17 (sunset)
  • September 21-25 and Saturday the 26th September 29 & 30 (sunsets)
  • October 3rd, Saturday & October 4th, Sunday!

and our final availability before double MATERNITY leave is…..

  • November 28th for Holiday Card Mini’s!!!!!


5 photo-summer mini

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