Erica & Mike {Engagement} Portland, Maine

From the moment we met Erica and Mike Beth and I knew we wanted to work with them. They are both such sweet, easy going individuals and their love together just shines and is totally contagious.

Erica and Mike met the day before a month long winter break at college through a mutual friend, thank you friend! Over the break they both stayed in the dorms and were the only two people there.  This blossomed an amazing friendship! Over the month they spent every day together hanging out, watching TV and movies, laughing and becoming best friends.

Just a few weeks later Mike won Erica’s heart and they started dating and have been together since, nearly 5 1/2 years!

In Mike’s words, one of his favorite things about Erica is “I like that Erica listen to me” —Erica chimes in with “Even though he takes forever to tell stories! :D”   And Erica’s favorite thing about Mike is, “I like that Mike makes me laugh, hard, every day!” Their friendship is amazing and their relationship is so fantastic we completely adore photographing them.

For our Engagement Session, Erica and Mike were up for anything!  They showed up looking absolutely fab! Erica in her favorite dress and Mike looking super snazzy and classic. They were flexible, laid back and just ever so adventurous that we ended up piling up in my car and driving up 302 and wandering around Windham.  Beth and I were SOOO excited! We found an amazing “antique” car, a drive-in, a beautiful field, a little wooded cemetery and even found gorgeous yellow storage containers-perfectly complementing her blue dress!  Beauty is everywhere when you’re photographing people in love! E&M-2awm E&M-5wm E&M-83wmE&M-9wmdesk shotfb4fb3  fb2

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