Dream Sessions {Maine; Lifestyle, Family, Couples, Engagement Photography}

On this snowy day I’m dreaming about warmer days and wanted to share some of our “dream” photo sessions in mind.  Sometimes, I walk by a cool building or drive by a breath taking field and just wish I had a family or a couple with me that I can snap away at. I think that Nic, my husband, sometimes thinks I can’t think of anything else… I pass by a building covered in ivy with an amazing blue door and have to snag some cell phone shots so I “don’t forget that spot”. After a few years, he can now spot of good photo backdrop too!

But, anyways!  There have been some session I’ve been thinking about for a while that are complete and total DREAMS to me!!! If ANYONE out there want to take part Beth and I are READY!

  • On TOP of a downtown Portland building (already drooling over the view).
  • Either a Family Session OR Engagement Session at a Little League Baseball Diamond (can barely handle the adorableness this would be!).
  • At a Drive-In! Maybe with BIKES or a Classic Car (this is optional, haha)
  • At a high school;  I see this as an engagement or anniversary session of maybe high school sweethearts.
  • At a fair type setting.
  • Beach, sandcastles-splashing about!
  • Snow man/ Snowball fight/ Snow Angels etc… session, this would be awesome for a family session!

There is so many more amazing ideas but, here is just a start.  We, of course, want to know what YOUR dream session would be and how we can make that happenBabyGwm1sisters

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