A look at 2014 and Cheers to 2015! {Portland, Maine and Old Orchard Beach, Maine Lifestyle & Wedding Photography}

K&J-8wmI can’t believe 2014 is over. It really has been such an amazing year!

We are SO SUPER THANKFUL for every single client we have worked with over the past 2 years. You have been patient, flexible and SO MUCH FUN!

  • Thank you for trying out all our crazy ideas.
  • And thank you for holding that kiss while we try to perfect that shot!
  • Thank you for the Laughs
  • Thank you for sharing your stories ❤
  • Thank you for your kind, thoughtful and caring response to us and your photos.     It means THE WORLD to us when you’re happy—REALLY!

Beth and I have learned so much….

  • How to run our business more efficiently.
  • We have both grown as photographers, we are learning hard lessons–we are not perfect, we can try but, we aren’t.  Our clients are everything to us and we want to make your photo experience amazing but, we are learning that perfection is not always possible—which means we are learning humility and that is amazing!! 🙂
  • Learning how to budget our time and how to balance, photog life and personal life.
  • We are always learning how to better communicate with each other; how to better work together as a team and how to encourage each other and be there for each other with support and love.

We are so excited for 2015!  We have so many awesome plans in the mix…..here are a few sneak peeks….

  • NEW Website
  • NEW Logo
  • Online Polls to find out exactly what YOU want from us!
  • Awesome Specials and Promotions…. think Mini’s…. think Fur Babies!  😀

Cheers to 2015!!!

2014 Review Collage with wm

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