Mr&Mrs Brennick {Married!} Auburn, Maine. Barn. Autumn Wedding

K&S-4wmThe day Beth and I met Steve and Kayla we knew we wanted to be a part of their wedding day.  We completely fell in love with them and their adorable love story and Kayla gorgeous curly hair.  Steve and Kayla happened to meet at a concert; Steve was dead set on wooing Kayla and his persistence led to such a very special love. Their love is definitely sweet! Steve’s easy going attitude perfectly complements Kayla’s excitable personality.  You can see that they lean on each other, they respect each other and their love is the core of an excellent team.  We were so happy to be there to document their beautiful wedding day at The Maine Wedding Barn.  There were lots of laughs, one dress hiccup along the way, hugs and tears of joy all the makings of an perfect wedding day.

Wishing you two the most fantastic married life!

❤ Allison and Beth

cake & ringsfirst lookK&S-123wmgetting readygetting ready2K&S-202wmK&S-247wmbridal partyK&S-511wmdancin K&Swm

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