Why we LOVE a First Look

As Wedding season gets kicked off here in Maine we have Weddings on our mind!

There are so many “new” Wedding trends out there, everything from Hastag-ing your wedding, #k&mloveforever, to going completely “unplugged” -meaning asking all your guests to leave their cell phones and camera’s off to First Looks–the focus on today’s blog.unplugged


Being as we are fairly new to the Wedding game I’m not exactly sure when First Looks became a thing but, all we know is that we LOVE them!

We LOVE all the logical reasons why a First Look is wonderful.

We love….

o   Logistically, many of the bride & Groom photos are taken, giving you more time during cocktail hour and reception to spend time with your guests.

o   Helps squash some of the nerves before walking down the aisle

o   You get a chance to bond; hug, kiss, and share YOUR JOY & EXCITEMENT WITH YOUR LOVE.

o   Opportunity to personally give each other your wedding presents and/or letters

o   Wedding day is a very busy day it can all pass by so quickly; this is a chance to pause and take a Moment with only your soon to be spouse

I’d like to share part of my Wedding Story to show why  I wish I had done a First Look….

When I got married we did not do a First Look.  I feel like I missed a really special moment with my husband.  When I think about my ceremony I don’t really have romantic feelings or special “wedding day” feelings.  I was so crazed that I didn’t  get the chance to take everything in.  I only had 15 people attend my wedding and still when I was walking down the aisle I was busy looking at my guests, thinking about not tripping and walking s-l-o-w, thinking about my dad’s knee (he previously had surgery), thinking about my lip gloss that I was holding and thinking “why isn’t Nic (my husband) wearing his suit jacket”  and SO much more!  Oh my goodness were  just SO many things on my mind.

Then, while we were taking photos I couldn’t help wondering what my guests were doing.  Are they eating? Are they bored? We should hurry.  I’m thirsty.  Maybe if we had a first look Nic and I could have connected, I could have found out why he wasn’t wearing his jacket and not have to think about it the whole ceremony….haha!  We could have spent more time with our family and friends.  That’s my experience.  If I could do it again, I definitely would do a First Look. I loved my wedding day- it was still lovely- just retrospectively this is a small change I would have happily made!

This is my example.  Every bride is different.  This is not meant to pressure you or stress any of you brides out it is just simply my experience.

I thought I would include a few photos from my Wedding Day—just because I love them!

Wedding Day 2

Nic and I under this amazing tree!

My Wedding DayThe Whole Wedding Crew- Family and some close friends, we had a destination wedding on The Great Barrier Reef in  Australia

Wedding Day 3Me and the best sister and Photography Partner!


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