Mind Blowing Wedding Deal! 2014 Weddings.


Okay!  We’ve been chatting and there are some Wedding themes/locations out there that we are itching to get our camera’s focused on (hehe, I made a pun)!

If your 2014 WEDDING, Elopement or Vow Renewal Ceremony is any of the following themes or in one of the following locations you are going to get one of the MOST AMAZING DEALS we could imagine! It’s so awesome we can’t even say what it is here!  SO, if this applies to you email us at strawberrypatchphotography@gmail.com and we will make some beautiful photo memories together!

If you are having a unique, amazing themed wedding that isn’t on this list email us to see if your theme will get you this unbelievable deal!

Also, check back often because we are going to be adding to this list.  Yay!


Vintage/Pin-Up Theme

Super hero/Comic Book  Theme

Movie/ TV Show Theme

Fairy-tail Theme

Super Chill Hippie Theme/Style

Disco Theme


Mind Blowing Locations:

In a Natural Science Museum

In an Aquariumdoor wmkristy4bwatermark


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