Love, Family and Lillies….

When Sylvia asked us to take pictures at her wedding we were stunned. We had just started our business and we hadn’t even thought about doing weddings. She said she loved our work and wanted us for sure. She said “mark me down in PEN!” I am so thankful that she had so much faith in us.

Boy am I glad we accepted, not only have I known Sylvia for 16 years, her daughter is my best friend, but it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. There was not one detail that was overlooked.
The day was filled with beautiful pink lilies with ivory and maroon table linens. Tulle, with lilies and candles lined the path that the beautifully happy bride walked down to meet her groom. I have never seen such beautiful flower arrangements and the homemade cake pops were not only delicious but, they were also done to perfection.
So here are a few photos that hopefully give you a tiny glimpse of what a beautiful day it was and all the love and happiness that filled the day!
So thank you Andy and Sylvia for not only allowing us to be a part of your beautiful family wedding but also for believing in us right from the beginning!
it all started with Dunkin’ Donuts
4watermark   10watermark   1watermark
Such a beautiful and handsome wedding party!
2watermark  3watermark
So much love today! What a blessed family!
7watermark  8watermark    9watermark
first look-watermarkThe Grooms first look of his STUNNING Bride!

One Comment on “Love, Family and Lillies….

  1. Beth and Allison, You two were amazing as I knew you would be. Everyone talked about how wonderful the two of you were. We can not thank you enough for the wonderful job you did and cannot wait to see the rest. Again, thank you to you both you have a great future ahead.

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