5 Steps to Prepare for your Newborn Photo Session

Preparing for a photo session is probably the most difficult part of getting your photo’s done….

When?  Where?  What to wear!? Style? How prepared to I need to be?  What do I bring?  Endless questions.  At least that is how I am before I get photographed.

So, us gals at Strawberry Patch want to make it a little easier to prepare for a Newborn Photo Session in 5 easy steps.

1) Contact your photographer before your due date and hash out all the details.

  • Where: Studio or Home?
  • Who:  Will this be a Baby only session? OR Will it be Baby and family?
  • When: When is your due date?  PLAN for 7-10 days after Baby is born. Give you and your photographer a window of time for the session.
  • What:  Are you looking for natural environment, more studio, props, etc…?

2) Friend your photographer on Facebook (if you both have it) or exchange phone numbers.

  • This is key because your photographer will need to know when Baby is born so they can clear their schedule!
  • If you have a friend or family member who is doing the notifications that Baby has graced us with their presence add your Photographer to the list, they will love the advance notice. Because we all know Baby will probably NOT come on Baby’s due date! haha…

3) Photo Session day!  When your photographer arrives TRY to pick a time when Baby is….

  • Fed
  • Changed
  • Sleepy
  • Warm

These four things make for a restful, patient baby that will let us photograph all the beautiful details.

4) Have any special “props” picked out and ready to go.  If you have a particular outfit that Grandma knitted for Baby and you want it included either have Baby in it or have it ready. Any hats or headbands…. any Blankets or Toys… anything that is special to YOU!

5) Have FUN! Communicate with your photographer.  Let them know what YOU want for your session, make sure you are comfortable and happy. This is such an exciting time to chronicle in your life!  Enjoy it!

Hope this helps!  And we hope you photograph you and your Newborn some day!


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