Coming Soon…Beach Family Maternity Shoot

Beth and I had the honor and joy of photographing one of my oldest friends Maternity shoot this past weekend.
I have been friends with Lori for 15 years!! I remember her in braces and I’m sure she remembers my SUPER frizzy hair! I remember when she started dating her husband, Matt, and when she welcomed her first child, Lexie. To be able to photograph the welcoming of her second baby was such a blessing. It is an awesome experience to journey through a person’s life with them.

So once again, thank you Matt, Lori, Lexi and Baby Max for letting Strawberry Patch capture this special time in your life! We had a wonderful time! Can’t wait to meet that little nugget and see if he really does end up with Mom’s profile!
Here are a few more tasty sneak peek photos!

Love your natural laugh!
Beach 1

Lexie just loved being up high on Dad’s shoulders!
beach 7       beach 65

Pregnancy Glow… right here!
beach 37bw wm        beach 45

beach 4       beach 6

Oh my goodness… SO CUTE! I hope she made a good wish!
beach 2      beach 82

So much love between these two!

beach 3beach 5

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