Top 5 Reasons to Choose Strawberry Patch as your Portrait Photographers

1) We are GREEN

Strawberry Patch is on our way to being Green Certified!  We love the Earth and want to do our part to preserve it!  So we are doing our small part to reduce our carbon footprint. 😉

What does that mean?

It means… we use RECYCLED products!  If you receive a package from us in a Trader Joes bag….that’s why

It means… we buy REFURBISHED camera’s and lenses (electronic lingo for recycled)

It means… we want to CARPOOL to photo sessions or we will ride our bikes (please forgive us if we are a little winded, haha…)

It means…. we would love to SKYPE our consultation session with you—-if you don’t mind!

It means… we BUY LOCAL! So much of helping our economy and world today is not only being green but supporting our local businesses and Strawberry Patch wants to be a part of that

And it means so much more…. Recycle, Reduce, Re-use…. you name it, we’ll try itbig%20recycle photo credit:

2) We are SISTERS

We believe sisters are a very special bond. It is just the two of us and we have been blessed to have a great friendship.  Now, we have had the honor of  working together and we love it.  Because we know how important family is we love being able to bring our family to yours.


As, primarly, self taught photographer’s we have used our love of art as our springboard into photography.  We love that we live in Maine and are able to take advantage of the seasonal color’s we are provided with.  In our photo sessions we try to find the colors that POP and draw them out.

Beauty is everywhere, even in those dark, damp, winter days there is something beautiful lingering waiting to be photographed. We want to find that beauty and bring your natural beauty right with it and photography the heck out if it! haha…

And of course Creativity.  Where would we be without creativitiy!? Strawberry Patch is always striving to come up with something new and creative for YOUR photo session. Something specific that is special just for you!

4) We respect YOUR wants and wishes for YOUR photo session

You may hear us say time and time again “What do YOU want to wear?  Where would YOU like your photo session? What makes YOU comfortable?”

We believe that the photo sessions you book with Strawberry Patch are yours.  These are your memories, your family, your special moments that we are being welcomed in to photograph so we want to make the session scream ___(insert your name here)__ Family!  But, don’t worry, we are more than happy to offer our advice, opinions and concerns. 🙂

5) We love PORTLAND

Portland is our Muse.  It’s so great to live in a city that within 15 minutes we can be hiking to a waterfall and the sippin’ a coffee in the Old Port.  We love scouting out new locations and using what Portland has given us to find new adventures to photograph your family in.

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