Amazing Announcements!

Okay, Strawberry Patch has some VERY important announcements…. get ready…. are you ready?

1) We are going GREEN!  That’s right one of Strawberry Patch’s number 1 goals is to be a Green Certified Business.

What does that mean?

It means we will be using Recycled and Refurbished products. We will always Carpool, we will extremely Minimize our paper output.  This means we utilize the world of electronics as much as possible. We Buy Local-supporting our local economy.

Recycle, Reduce, Re-Use!

2) We want to GIVE BACK to our community.

The first way we want to Give Back is with a program we are calling Stella’s Flowers in honor of our Grandmother who is passed away.

This past December our Family lost the matriarch of our Family; our Maternal Grandmother, Grandma Stella.Our Grandmother was one of the Strongest, Generous, Brave, Courageous, Honest, Intelligent  Faithful, Godly women we know.We learned so much from her throughout our lives. She was always such a huge part.  She taught us respect, love and how to be genuine and unique. Our Grandmother was always so excited about our lives.  She was always so supportive and proud of our decisions in life. (She would LOVE Strawberry Patch Photography.)
She loved the simple things in life… food, hugs, birds, flowers. We believe the best way to honor Stella Mosqueda’s life is to Give Back.  I mean, this woman would LITERALLY give you the shirt off her back if you said you liked the color –so we want to give back something that always brought a smile to her face… Flowers.
We are taking 10% of EVERY photo session to buy and deliver flowers for Nursing Homes, Elder Care and Hospice. 
She spent so much of the end of her life in these institution’s it’s only right that we try to brighten someone else’s day the way we tried to brighten hers with Stella’s Flowers.
3)  In honor of Sandy Hook Elementary school and all the other people who have lost family members so precious and without notice we are giving away a FREE Family Photo Session every year. On December 14th 2012 we were all 2nd hand witnesses to one of the most terrifying things, a shooting at an elementary school. Twenty six people lost their lives on that day and there is nothing to do to be able to bring comfort to the families who lost their loved ones.
We at Strawberry Patch were deeply saddeded by what we saw that day. One story was really special to us as photographers. One of the families had just recently taken pictures for their Christmas cards. They mentioned how grateful that they were to have done this before they lost their daughter. This is one reason why we love what we do. Framing those special, once in a lifetime moments of our loved ones.
So in honor of these 26 people that lost their lives we would like to Give Back. Every fall we will give away at least one family session to a local Maine family. A family may consist of two, three, six people of any age–whoever you consider family is family to us! 

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