Some tips to nibble on…using PROPS!

A good thing to remember when using props is that they should always enhance the photograph, never detracting too much attention away from your subject. Just take a look through the camera and ask yourself, is the eye drawn to the subject first, and prop(s) second?

Signs, Texts and Bright colors always translate well and add something special:


Helpful Things To Keep in Mind…

  • Keep your eyes open. Props are everywhere! Sometimes, just walking through a new environment can give you some great ideas. Take a stroll through the dollar store and see what you come up with. What about that margarine tub of mismatched buttons hiding in the craft closet? They might make a great background…
  • Look for examples. When you get a magazine and a photo pops out at you, take a closer look at how it was styled to learn technique.
  • Incorporate more of your own items. Add a personal touch. It’s like an inside joke!
  • Last, and most importantly…be free. Sometimes, the best way to come up with an idea if you’re really stumped is just to play. Remember, you are the art director. Look beyond the typical use for your item, and just have fun with it.

    We’re a BIG fan of chalk and chalkboards. A chalkboard can be made out of anything!

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